2021 Postdoctoral Conference #DivSch21

The #DivSch21 virtual conference occurred August 12-14. We brought together a diverse group of postdocs and doctoral graduate students for professional development and networking.

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Speakers & Facilitators

Plenary Speaker Danielle N. Lee, PhD

#BLACKandSTEM Ecologies and Evolution: History and Future Trajectories of Online STEM Diversity Community, Engagement, and Advocacy

Conversation to be moderated by Dr Raven Baxter!

headshot of Danielle Lee, PhDPlenary speaker Danielle N. Lee is an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Dr. Lee is an outreach scientist who studies animal behavior and behavioral ecology. Dr. Lee currently studies the behavioral biology and natural history of nuisance rodents across urban gradients. Her research includes examining individual behavior variation of mice and rats in the Metro St. Louis area and the natural history of African giant pouched rats. Her research and science outreach and advocacy have been recognized by The Explorers Club (2021), National Geographic Society (2017 Emerging Explorer), TED Fellows Program (2015), Essence Magazine Woke 100 (2019), EBONY Magazine’s Power 100 (2014), and the White House Champions of Change in STEM Diversity and Access (2014). Follow her and her science adventures on Twitter or Instagram at @DNLee5.

Plenary Speaker Lisette E. Torres-Gerald, PhD

Diverse Networks, Numbers, and Narratives in Science Communication

Conversation to be moderated by Stephanie Castillo!

headshot of Lisette Torres-Gerald, PhDPlenary speaker Lisette E. Torres-Gerald (she/her/ella) is Senior Research Associate and Program Coordinator at TERC -- a research-based non-profit dedicated to inspiring and engaging learners. She is a trained scientist and disabled scholar-activist whose expertise includes race, gender, and disability in STEM and higher education; critical theoretical frameworks and qualitative methodologies; workshop and curriculum design; and writing pedagogy. She has a doctorate with a Certificate in Social Justice from the School of Education at Iowa State University and a M.S. in Zoology with a Certificate in Ecology from Miami University. Her doctoral thesis was "Speaking truth to power and to the people: Scientist bloggers of color as public intellectuals." She is interested in how power and privilege influence the social dynamics of the scientific community as well as the experiences of women of color in science. She is the Director of Justice and Disability in STEM for the Equity Institute for Race Conscious Pedagogy. Torres-Gerald is also a co-founder and executive board member of the National Coalition for Latinxs with Disabilities (CNLD) and an advisory board member of Science Friday’s Breakthrough Dialogues Program.

Alberto Roca, PhD, Conference Chair
Executive Director; DiverseScholar

Nancy Aguilar-Roca, PhD
Associate Professor of Teaching, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of California, Irvine

Adriana Bankston, PhD
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Publisher
Journal of Science Policy and Governance (JSPG)

Raven Baxter, PhD
Director of Diversity Initiatives; Biological Sciences
University of California, Irvine
#BlackInSciComm; @RavenSciMaven

Stephanie Castillo
Graduate Research Assistant in Science Communication in Chemistry
Vanderbilt University
Founder, PhutureDoctors

Aimee Edinger, VMD, PhD
Professor, Developmental & Cell Biology
University of California, Irvine

Stacey Glasgow, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neurobiology
University of California, San Diego

Edward Krug, PhD
Assoc. Dean for Postdoc Affairs (retired)
Medical University of South Carolina
Board of Advisors, DiverseScholar

Danielle N. Lee, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Bill Lindstaedt, MS
Asst. Vice Chancellor; Career Advancement, International & Postdoctoral Services
University of California, San Francisco

Victoria McDonnell, DrPH
former Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Development
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Roland Owens, PhD
Nat. Inst. Health Assistant Director, Office of Intramural Research
National Institutes of Health

Harinder Singh, PhD
Program Director, Graduate Professional Success in STEM (GPS-STEM)
University of California, Irvine

Robin Sugiura, PhD
Director of Postdoctoral Training, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
Stanford University

Lisette E. Torres-Gerald, PhD
Senior Research Associate and Program Coordinator


All attendees, speakers, sponsors, staff, and volunteers at our event are required to comply with this Code of Conduct.

For security, links to online sessions below use either passwords, wait rooms, or pre-registration. For access info, registered attendees have been notified by email. Also, see the pinned message in the #conf-divsch21 channel of our private Slack group.

Thursday August 12

Time (a) Session Speaker(s)
10-11:30am Welcome & Attendee Introductions (b) Roca
12-1:30pm Postdoc Fundamentals & Mentor Management McDonnell & Sugiura
2-3:30pm Academic Faculty Careers Aguilar-Roca, Owens (NIH), & Edinger (UCI)
2-3:30pm Industry Careers Lindstaedt

Friday August 13

Time (a) Session Speaker(s)
10-11:30am Research Chalk Talks (preview) Glasgow & Krug
12-1:30pm #BLACKandSTEM Ecologies and Evolution (b) Lee & Baxter
12-3pm 1-on-1 appointments: drop-ins (b, c) Krug
2-3:30pm Preparing Your CV Lindstaedt
2-3:30pm Policy & Administrative Careers Singh & Bankston

Saturday August 14

Time (a) Session Speaker(s)
10am-3pm 1-on-1 appointments (b, c) Lindstaedt
10am-3pm 1-on-1 appointments (b, c) Krug
10am-12pm 1-on-1 appointments: drop-ins (b, c) Sugiura @ Stanford
12-1:30pm Diverse Networks, Numbers, & Narratives in SciComm (b) Torres-Gerald & Castillo

a) All times are Pacific time zone.
b) Best to use Firefox browser. If using Chrome, please update to latest version since video bug fixed in late July.
c) Registered attendees should check your email for sign-up instructions. Each appointment is 25 minutes long with a 5 min speaker break so meetings should start every half hour.
"Drop-in" meetings also available on first-come, first-serve basis (especially Friday) so attempt to join counselor's table if their 1-on-1 huddle is unlocked.


When: August 12 to 14, 2021

How: online! Registered participants will receive instructions by email. The virtual event will use Zoom, Crowdcast, and Gatherly tools. Best to use the Firefox browser for the latter two services.

Registration for the Public

The plenary talks are open to the public. Please register for the seminars at each talk's webpage using the "Save my spot!" button for Dr. Lee on #BLACKandSTEM and Dr. Torres-Gerald on Diverse Networks.

Registration for Postdocs and PhD Graduate Students

The non-plenary sessions are limited to PhD trainees drawn from existing members of the following:

  • DiverseScholar Doctoral Directory: instructions in spring/summer email newsletters
  • MinorityPostdoc email list: instructions to join Doctoral Directory in spring/summer newsletters
  • Special Partners: Stanford PDO, UC-Irvine GPS-STEM, and Research University Alliance

Registration deadline (extended): Tuesday August 10

Sponsors and Partners

National Institutes of Health

University of California, Irvine School of Biological Sciences

Stanford University Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

University of California, Irvine GPS-STEM

Sponsorship and Exhibitor Rates (d)

Contact us to arrange your sponsorship!

Sponsorship Level: - One Two Three Four Five
Cost: $100 $250 $300 $1K $2.5K $5K
Registrations (#) 1 - 1 1 2 4
Listing: Event webpage - Y Y Y Y Y
Recognition @ welcome - - - Y Y Y
1-year advertisement - - - Y Y Y
Candidate database- Platinum - - - - Y Y
Candidate db w/CVs- Diamond - - - - - Y

d) Sponsorship benefits subject to change without notice. At Level 3 and higher, there is no discounted conference sponsorship since the event is virtual. This is because those sponsorships are also tied to Institutional Subscriptions, e.g. Level 3 sponsorship is equivalent to a Gold Subscription, and includes advertisements on the MinorityPostdoc website as well as access to the Doctoral Directory CV database.

In event of cancellation by July 23, a full refund less a 5% processing fee will be issued. No refunds will be made for cancellations after that date.

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