Subscriptions for Reaching our Readership

DiverseScholar is our non-profit organization that publishes the following:

  • the online web portal (advertising rate card)
  • DiverseScholar original articles
  • the Doctoral Directory (Doct. Dir.) job candidate database (access options below).
    Read that 30% of our first Directory cohort were tenure track faculty!

Yearly subscriptions include the benefit packages below at the annual rates quoted in blue. Rates and services are subject to change at any time.

Buy subscriptions online! Submit your contact email address and credit card payment information online.

Subscription Rates for 2024 - 2025

Service       Bronze Silver    Gold Platinum Diamond
Doct. Dir. online (# accounts) 1 1 1 5 10
Doct. Dir. online full text search -- -- -- yes yes
Doct. Dir. online CV PDFs -- -- -- -- yes
Doct. Dir. candidate emails -- -- -- -- yes
Online full-page profile -- -- 1yr 1yr 1yr
Profile link in Newsletter -- -- 1yr 1yr 1yr
Profile link on Home page -- -- -- yes yes
Online Box ad (months) -- -- -- 1 3
NEW Virtual office logos -- -- -- yes* yes
Online full-page ads -- 1 @ 1mo (profile) 2 @ 1mo 4 @ 1mo
Conference registration (#) -- -- 1 2 4
Conference branding -- -- yes yes yes
Conference Exhibitor table -- -- yes yes yes
Package Annual Rate $250 $500  $1,000 $2,500 $5,000


Doctoral Directory Online edition

Subscribers will have access to the password-protected online directory only for internal institutional recruiting use. Read summary demographics about the Doctoral Directory.

In 2024, we are introducing new database technology for the Directory. We expect this new database to go live by the summer. We appreciate your patience!

Usernames & Keyword Searches

Client institutions may share the one username account login information from the Bronze, Silver, and Gold subscriptions. However, the one username can not be used for multiple simultaneous use of the Directory. The Platinum and Diamond subscription levels provide more usernames for distribution throughout the client's institution.

The Online Edition of the Directory has 3 record fields to allow subscribers to search by discipline:

  • Field = selected from pre-defined general terms, e.g. Biology (distribution reported in summary demographics)
  • Specialization = free-form text provided by the candidate, e.g. Microbiology, Evolution, Bacterial Pathogenesis
  • Institution Department = free-form text, e.g. Molecular and Cell Biology.

The other database fields include:

  • Last_Name
  • First_Name
  • Position_Type
  • Position_Title
  • Institution
  • (Email)*
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Doctoral_Institution
  • Doctoral_Degree
  • Doctoral_Year
  • Doctoral_State
  • Doctoral_Country
  • (CV full text)*
  • (CV PDF)*

Pre-defined "Field" keywords

  • Administration
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Research
  • Computer Science
  • Ecology
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Geoscience
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Social/Behavioral/Economic Science
  • Traditional Knowledge

*Full text search, PDFs & Emails

At the Platinum subscription level, the full text of a candidate's CV/resume may be searched. However, to download CV/resumes, a Diamond subscription is necessary. The latter will also include a database field of candidate's email addresses. Also at the Diamond level, clients may search by a candidate's last name.

Subscription Institution Profile Page

The "Institution Profile" page describes your institution in general and lists links to multiple faculty/job openings on your institution's Human Resources job board site.

The Institution Profile page remains published for the entire 12 month period of the subscription starting after payment. Such a page can be updated occasionally throughout the year to refresh the links to the institution's job board at the Editor's discretion.

Separately, clients can purchase a la carte advertisements with rates dependent upon the number of months desired.

With each Institutional Subscription, the number and publication-length for full-page plain advertisements versus an Institution Profile are the following:

  1-month 1-year
Subscription plain ad profile
Silver 1 --
Gold -- 1
Platinum 2 1
Diamond 4 1

Institution Profile page versus a la carte "plain" ads

  • Subscriptions at Platinum & Diamond level include pre-paid plain ads. See table above distinguishing plain ads from year-long profile ad. The plain ads are same as a la carte advertisements except pre-paid ads are time-limited to 1-month each.
  • We hand code the HTML for the online plain advertisement so please proof the document that you send. Because of time limitations at the quoted rates, only 1 round of minor editing is allowed after the client receives the link to the online plain ad. By contrast, for an Institution Profile page, it can be updated occasionally throughout the year to refresh the links to the institution's job board at the Editor's discretion.
  • Only Institution Profiles are listed on the website Home page at the Platinum and Diamond subscription levels.
  • Institution Profiles are listed at the top of the Job Listings roster highlighted in yellow (along with any separate ads) so that subscription clients can enjoy priority visibility. By contrast, plain ads purchased a la carte by non-subscribers are listed in a static chronological order according to when they were published.
  • Links to Institution Profiles are included in every monthly email newsletter during the year of the subscription. By contrast, the newsletter includes links to plain ads only in the first month of their publication.

Sponsorship Branding of New Virtual Office

Our virtual office using the Gatherly video conferencing service has opened! We will be using this online platform for appointments especially our new 1-on-1 career sessions. These counseling opportunities will pilot our virtual career center for members of our Doctoral Directory.

Institutional subscribers can have their logo branding strategically placed on our virtual floor plans. All office visitors enter the first floor "Welcome" area while users must use the "elevators" to visit the other four floors (screenshots below). Diamond subscribers have higher priority for logo placement which are subject to availability. Note that we are still developing our policy about subscribers having their own booth in our third floor area for our events.
Screenshot of office floor plan showing illustrated items including office furniture and logos on a light gray woodgrain background. From left to right, illustrated items are the following: a) light brown couch, coffee table, and two chairs; b) logos of NIH, VirginiaTech, and the DiverseScholar green turtle; and c) brown long table with two computers and green office chairs. Black font text labels include "Welcome Floor" at top, "Welcome" in the center, "Help Desk" beside the long table, "Elevators" at bottom left, and "Exit" at bottom right.
Screenshot of office floor plan showing illustrated items including white rectangle booths and logos on a light gray woodgrain background. From left to right, illustrated items are the following: a) three booths labeled A-Lyon, B, and C; b) three booths labeled D, E-Krug, and F; and c) DiverseScholar green turtle logo. Text labels include  "Booths" at top, "Your Logo" in middle, "Elevators" at bottom left, and "Exit" at bottom right.

Payment Options

Buy subscriptions online! Submit your contact email address and credit card payment information online.

If you can not use the online form, then email us to indicate 1) your Subscription Level and 2) how to invoice your office. Payment can be received by check (for purchase orders) or credit card (processed using Stripe after you receive an email invoice).

We can not accept credit card numbers by phone, FAX, or email.

A Stripe account is not needed to pay with a credit card. After you visit the online invoice, use the link (below the login fields) that states "Pay with a debit or credit card..." that allows you to manually enter your credit card information as well as an email address for confirmation.

Purchase Orders

To use a purchase order (P.O.) and check/wire transaction, there must be a minimum $2,000 payment (policy since February 2021). The Platinum and Diamond subscriptions meet this minimum. For the Gold subscription, paying for a two-year subscription would reach the payment threshold.

Note that the check/PO option drastically slows the process since services are not granted until payment is received, i.e. completing the vendor registration process, maintaining vendor insurance registration, waiting for the check to arrive by surface mail or wire transfer to arrive, etc. Thus, online credit card payment is the fastest method as well as the convenient route for paying for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold subscriptions.

Instructions and Terms

  • A subscribing institution's contact person is the authorized representative for activating the Online Edition login username/account as well as coordinating communication about advertising and email marketing services.
  • A Doctoral Directory Online Edition subscription is for a 12 month period starting after payment.
  • Online access to the Doctoral Directory is not allowed until after payment is received.
  • If interested in using the Directory to conduct social science research about database members, then please contact us to coordinate with other on-going collaborations.
  • Please read the Doctoral Directory Terms and Conditions of use.
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