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Access the Directory by using green buttons below based on your institution’s subscription. The Directory is our service for diversifying your job applicant pools. Brief database instructions at end of page. Reminder: this directory is for internal use only for job candidate outreach. To any potential subscribers, buy Directory access online!


Gold, Silver, & Bronze

Brief Database Instructions

  • Logout of the Directory by using link at end of the introductory paragraph at top of each Directory page.
  • By default 25 records are shown at a time but more are available by selecting from the menu at the bottom left of the table.
  • Enter text and use the “Submit” button to find particular records by keywords in the search boxes “Field”, “Specialization”, “Department”, and “CV Text” (latter only available for Diamond subscribers).
  • To show all records, click the “Submit” button with empty text search boxes and NONE selected in the “Field” menu.
  • Click “Search Again”, to return to the search form after viewing the table of records.
  • View an entire single record by clicking on the persons’s last name.
  • Sort a column by clicking on the column title.
  • To close the Directory session, click “Logout” on the first line of these instructions. You will also be automatically logged out after 1 hour. Note that other users at your institution can NOT share the same username at the same time so please remember to logout. You may need to click the “Logout” link more than once due to browser/network issues.
  • Contact us if your institution needs to purchase additional login usernames allowing simultaneous use of the online Directory.
  • Use of the Doctoral Directory constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Page text & subscription roster last updated 11-Oct-2021;
New candidates added to Directory on a rolling basis.

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