EquitableTech Open Source Workshop -- Southern California

Open Source Diversity Advocacy

Our introductory workshops are on hold until we identify more funding. To sponsor EquitableTech activities, use red donate button at top of page.

We continue to research tech diversity initiatives and monitor the talent pool with our sponsorship of the Tapia Conference, Tech Inclusion, and interactions with Techqueria.

Learn about Dr. Roca's open source diversity work:

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Sunday December 2, 2018

CSU-DH students! Come learn about Open Source Software (OSS) at our FREE 1-day workshop. Our new project, EquitableTech, is partnering with the Dominguez Hills Computer Science Department to produce this event. Workshop details will be emailed to those selected for the event after registration. Same day walk-ins welcome; but, there's no guarantee of food.

We thank our Sponsors.

Students, Why Participate?

  • Lunch will be provided
  • Tech companies now look for OSS skills
  • Learn about open source software
  • Overcome OSS "newcomer" concerns
  • Learn about collaborative software projects, version control, & other skills/tools
  • Learn about paid internships
  • "GitHub is the new resume" -- OSS projects document your skills
  • Network with tech professionals
  • EquitableTech can help your job search


See photos from our 1st event at Texas Southern University.


Speakers & Facilitators

Alberto Roca, PhD, Host & Facilitator

Director, EquitableTech

Executive Director, DiverseScholar

Asheesh Laroia, Lead Instructor

Reduct Systems Engineer & Founder, OpenHatch

Hector Carmona, Facilitator

Google Engineer & Techqueria L.A. chapter co-founder


Sponsors, Partners, & Acknowledgements

Originally published 29-Nov-2018

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