#DivSch20: Levon Esters, PhD

Research Mentoring in an Age of Activism

Plenary speaker Dr. Levon T. Esters is a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication at Purdue University. He will be speaking at the #DivSch20 Postdoctoral Conference on Friday July 31 at noon PST. Please register below for the seminar using your social media account at the "Save my spot!" button.

 Micella Phoenix DeWhyse logoNEW: Plenary Q&A to be moderated by materials scientist @MicellaPDeWhyse who will reveal her identity. Dr. "DeWhyse" is probably the first minority science blogger who wrote a ScienceCareers column from 2002 through 2008 about her graduate school and postdoctoral experience. DiverseScholar is excited to be hosting her return to a public forum.

Last updated: 2020-07-23