Clinical Research

Postdoctoral Associate in Neurogenetics and Psychiatric Genomics

Postdoc and postgrad positions are available in Montalvo-Ortiz lab at Yale Department of Psychiatry, Division of Human Genetics. The primary research focus is the study of genomics and epigenomics of psychiatric disorders in human peripheral and postmortem brain tissue. We also investigate psychiatric genomics in admixed Latinx populations.

Lab Website:

Colton-Center for Data Science Faculty Fellow

Location: New York

Open Date: Nov 4, 2020


The Center for Data Science (CDS) and the Colton Center at New York University (NYU) invite an application for a joint Faculty Fellow position to lead complex analysis projects in the field of autoimmune disease, developing and applying methods in data science such as machine learning to understand the underlying biology of autoimmunity and inflammation.

Postdoctoral Fellowship on the Biology of Aging and Age-Related Diseases T32

The Biology of Aging and Age-Related Diseases NIH/NIA T32 training program is led by Dr. Sanjay Asthana and Dr. Rozalyn Anderson. Our training program and expert mentoring team covers the spectrum of aging research, from basic mechanisms of aging to biology of age-related disease, and translational studies of preventative interventions and clinical application.