2022 #LatinxInSTEM ScienceTalk Session

We produced a session at the 2022 ScienceTalk conference:

Communicating Science in Español: Reaching a Global Latinx Spanish Audience

The USA's Latinx/Hispanic population is growing and there is also a large Spanish-speaking audience world-wide; all of whom should be educated about science. Social media enables such public science communication as well as allows minority scientists to build support networks. Learn from the examples of @LatinXinBME (biomedical engineering), @GeoLatinas (geoscience), and @LatinxChem (Chemistry).

Read about the #SciCommDiversity Fellowship.

flyer of 2022 ScienceTalk conference panel on Communicating Science in Español: Reaching a Global Latinx Spanish Audience. Picturing speakers Roca, Porras, Ortiz-Guerrero, & Gallardo-Williams as headshot photos above their names. Flyer background image is overview of theater audience all shaded in blue.

#LatinxInSTEM Speakers

Alberto Roca, Ph.D., Producer

Executive Director, DiverseScholar;

Director, SciCommDiversity project; @MinorityPostdoc

Ana Maria Porras, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering,

University of Florida;

@AnaMaPorras; @LatinXinBME

Maria Gallardo-Williams, PhD

Teaching Professor and Director of Organic Chemistry Labs,

North Carolina State University;

@TeachForaLiving; @LatinxChem

Carolina Ortiz-Guerrero

PhD Candidate, Department of Geological Sciences,

University of Florida;

@CarolinaOgeo; @GeoLatinas

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