2021 #BlackInSTEM ScienceTalk Session

We produced a session at the 2021 ScienceTalk conference:
#SciCommDiversity Lessons from #BlackInSTEM Events
Social media allows minorities in the sciences to build support networks. Such resilience is necessary since the pandemic has cancelled in-person conferences. Learn from organizers of the #BlackInMentalHealth, #BlackInSciComm, and #BlackInNeuro events about how their activities celebrate diversity in STEM, promote social justice, and demonstrate science communication strategies for reaching a minority audience.

Read about the #SciCommDiversity Fellowship.

2021 ScienceTalk conference panel on #SciComm #Diversity Lessons from #BlackInSTEM Events. Picturing speakers Roca, Garcia, Baxter, & Dominguez along with the respective logos of their organizations SciComm Diversity, Black in Mental Health, Black in SciComm, & Black in Neuro

#SciCommDiversity #BlackInSTEM Speakers

Alberto Roca, Ph.D., Producer
Executive Director, DiverseScholar;
Director, SciCommDiversity project; @MinorityPostdoc

Mani Garcia
PhD Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology,
John Jay College;
#BlackInMentalHealth; @ManiTheGarcia

Raven Baxter
PhD Graduate Student in Science Education,
University at Buffalo;
#BlackInSciComm; @RavenSciMaven

Elena Dominguez
PhD Graduate Student in Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program,
University of California, Irvine;
#BlackInNeuro; @neurocurls

Last updated: 2021-03-19