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Achieving Your First Academic Faculty Job

Competition is fierce for entering academia. This panel features speakers from research universities, a liberal arts college, and a community college. Speakers will describe the critical qualifications for a strong job application at each institution type.

Perla Myers, Ph.D.

Perla Myers, Ph.D. is Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of San Diego

Wilfred Denetclaw, Ph.D.

Wilfred Denetclaw, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University

Blogging, Tweeting, & Writing: An Online Presence can Impact Science and Your Career

Web 2.0 social media tools provide new channels for promoting your science and career. How can an online presence through blogs and Twitter be balanced with the traditional measure of scholarship— publications? Panelists will describe how they use online tools to discuss science, engage the public, and publicize accomplishments.