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Yearly subscriptions include the benefit packages below at the annual rates quoted in blue. Rates and services are subject to change at any time. Email questions/orders to

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Subscription Levels for 2018 - 2019

Service       Bronze Silver    Gold Platinum Diamond
Doctoral Directory online (# accounts) 1 1 1 5 10 Details
Doct. Dir. online full text search yes yes Details
Doct. Dir. online CV PDFs yes Details
Doct. Dir. candidate emails yes Details
Doctoral Directory print CV book (#) 1 5 10 Details
Online full-page profile + #ads (1mo) 1yr [email protected] [email protected] Details
Profile link in Newsletter 1yr 1yr 1yr Details
Profile link on Home page yes yes Details
Online Skyscraper ad (months) 1 3 Details
Conference registration (#) 1 2 4 Details
Conference branding yes yes yes Details
Conference Exhibitor table yes yes yes Details
Package Annual Rate $250 $500  $1,000 $2,500 $5,000

Doctoral Directory Online edition

Subscribers will have access to the password-protected online directory only for internal institutional recruiting use. Read summary demographics about the Doctoral Directory. Screenshots below are of the original version of the online Directory.

Usernames & Keyword Searches

Client institutions may share the one username account login information from the Bronze, Silver, and Gold subscriptions. However, the one username can not be used for multiple simultaneous use of the Directory. The Platinum and Diamond subscription levels provide more usernames for distribution throughout the client’s institution.

The Online Edition of the Directory has 3 record fields to allow subscribers to search by discipline:

The other database fields include:

Pre-defined “Field” keywords

*Full text search, PDFs & Emails

At the Platinum subscription level, the full text of a candidate’s CV/resume may be searched. However, to download CV/resumes, a Diamond subscription is necessary. The latter will also include a database field of candidate’s email addresses. Also at the Diamond level, clients may search by a candidate’s last name.

Example Candidates

Visit the following links to see examples of the Ph.D. talent in previous versions of the Directory:

Michelle T. Juarez Paulette A. McRae Tepring Piquado
Mahadeo A. Sukhai Marcelo D. Vinces Jeremy B. Yoder

Of our first Directory cohort from 2011, approximately 30% are tenure-track faculty. This includes research universities such as Association of American Universities member institutions.

Doctoral Directory Print edition with CVs/resumes

At the Gold level (or higher), subscribers will receive a print copy of the directory that includes candidates’s CVs/resumes. The directory is for internal institutional use only. Read summary demographic information about the Doctoral Directory.

Snapshots of the Print Edition show over 600 pages of CVs/resumes from the original version of the Doctoral Directory.

Subscription Institution Profile Page

The “Institution Profile” page describes your institution in general and lists links to multiple faculty/job openings on your institution’s Human Resources job board site. See this example.

The Institution Profile page remains published for the entire 12 month period of the subscription. Such a page can be updated occasionally throughout the year to refresh the links to the institution’s job board at the Editor’s discretion.

Separately, clients can purchase a la carte advertisements with rates dependent upon the number of months desired.

With each Institutional Subscription, the number and publication-length for full-page plain advertisements versus an Institution Profile are the following:

  1-month 1-year
Subscription plain ad profile
Silver 1
Gold 1
Platinum 2 1
Diamond 4 1

Differences between an Institution Profile page versus a la carte “plain” advertisements:

Payment Options

Buy subscriptions online!. Submit your contact email address and credit card payment information online.

If you can not use the online form, then email us at to indicate 1) your Subscription Level and 2) how to invoice your office. Payment can be received by check (for purchase orders) or credit card (processed using PayPal after you receive an email invoice).

We can not accept credit card numbers by phone, FAX, or email.

A PayPal account is not needed to pay with a credit card. After you visit the online invoice, use the link (below the login fields) that states “Pay with a debit or credit card…” that allows you to manually enter your credit card information as well as an email address for confirmation.

Instructions and Terms

Screenshots of Doctoral Directory Online edition

Note: Screenshots are of 2012 Directory version.

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