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Professional/Faculty Positions & Opportunities

Auburn University College of Science and Math

Centre College

Colby College: Faculty Positions:

Colgate University: Faculty Positions:

Columbia University (closed)

National Institutes of Health: Tenure-Track Stadtman Investigators

Rice University

Stanford University: Faculty Positions in:

Stetson University

University of Chicago

University of Houston (central campus)

Agnes Scott College

Babson College: Assistant Professor of Family Entrepreneurship, Tenure Track, Entrepreneurship

Northwestern University: Faculty Positions in:

University of Maine:

New York University: Positions as:

Madison Area Technical College: Associate Dean - School of Arts and Sciences (closed)

Smith College: Lecturer in Biological Sciences (closed)

Willamette University: Faculty Positions in:

  • Finance (closed)
  • Strategic Management (closed)

Yale School of Public Health: TWO Faculty Positions in Field and Laboratory-Based Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Positions as:

  • Academic Coordinator/ Unit 18 Lecturer (closed)
  • Faculty in Marine Geophysics (closed)
  • Researcher, Biology Section (closed)
  • Researcher, Earth Science (closed)
  • Researcher, Oceans & Atmosphere Section (closed)

Green River College: Physics Instructor - Tenure Track (closed)

Brown University: Faculty Positions:

  • Anatomy Lecturer (closed)
  • Health Services, Policy, & Practice (closed)

Oberlin College: Visiting Assistant Professor in Geology (closed)

University of Richmond: Faculty Position in Health Psychology (closed)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

  • Faculty Position in Literature (closed)
  • Research Scientist in Real Estate (closed)

AACR’s Cancer Educational Workshops (closed)

Environments and Metrics in Biology Education and Research Conference (closed)

Bates College: TWO Faculty Positions in Biology and Chemistry (closed)

University of La Verne: Positions as:

  • Chemistry Department Chair, Associate Professor (closed)
  • Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor in Biology (closed)
  • Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor in Computational Biology (closed)

University of North Carolina Wilmington: FOUR Faculty Positions in Coastal and Marine Sciences (closed)

University of Minnesota: Faculty Positions in:

  • Professor & Director of the Itasca Biological Station (closed)
  • Microbial Biology (THREE; closed)
  • Animal Physiology (TWO; closed)

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School: Multiple Faculty Positions, Open Rank in Various Disciples (closed)

University of California, Riverside:

  • Global Arts Faculty Cluster Recruitment (closed)
  • Provost’s Diversity in Engineering Fellows Program (closed)

Humboldt State University: Dean of the College of Professional Studies, Administrator IV (closed)

CUNY Institute for Implementation Science Research in Population Health: Associate or Full Professor/Deputy Director (closed)

Dartmouth College: Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs (closed)

Univ of Rhode Island:

  • Asst Prof in Ocean Engineering (closed)
  • Asst, Assoc, & Full Prof in Neuroscience (closed)

Baylor University:

  • Biology Lecturer Position (closed)
  • TWO Faculty Positions in Tropical Disease Biology & Evolutionary Medicine (closed)

Pennsylvania State University: Faculty Positions in:

  • Mathematics (closed)
  • Neurobiology (closed)
  • Plant Biology (closed)

University of California, Davis: Positions in:

  • Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist - Evaluation (Human Ecology; closed)
  • Faculty in Human Ecology and Animal Science (closed)
  • Faculty Position in Social Science and Political Ecology of Animal Agriculture (closed)
  • Faculty in Statistics (closed)

California Lutheran University: ALLIES STEM Director (closed)

Bowdoin College: Faculty Position in Mathematics (closed)

Oxford College of Emory University: Multiple Faculty Positions (closed)

Cornell University: Faculty Position in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (closed)

Tufts University: Positions in Community Health:

  • Assistant Professor (closed)
  • Part-Time Temporary Lecturer(s) (closed)

Onondaga Community College: Faculty Full-time Tenure Track Openings (closed)

Univ of California, Berkeley: Faculty Positions in:

  • Human Brain Imaging (closed)
  • Earth and Planetary Science (closed)
  • Psychology (closed)
  • Public Policy (closed)
  • Theoretical Physics (closed)

University of South Florida: Faculty Position in Quantitative Biology (closed)

University of California, Santa Cruz: Faculty Positions in:

  • Computer Engineering: Hardware Systems (closed)
  • Computer Engineering: Robotics/Mechatronics (closed)

University of Texas: Faculty Position in Astronomy (closed)

University of California, Santa Barbara: Faculty Position in Mechanical Engineering (closed)

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo: Faculty Positions in:

  • Genomics (closed)
  • Public Health (closed)

American Elasmobranch Society: Diversity in Marine Science Initiative

CODE2040 Entrepreneur in Residence Program (closed)

Occidental College: Faculty Positions in:

  • Computer Science (closed)
  • Marine Environmental Science (closed)

Harvard University: Faculty Positions in:

  • Computer Science (closed)
  • Physics (closed)

Illinois State University: Faculty Position in Virology (closed)

University of California, Merced: FOUR Faculty Positions in Human Health Sciences (closed)

Hamilton College: Faculty Position in Biology (closed)

University of Oklahoma: TWO Faculty Positions in Biology of Behavior (closed)

University of Oregon: Faculty Positions in:

  • Biochemistry and Chemical Biology (TWO; closed)
  • Energy and Sustainable Materials (THREE; closed)

Southern Illinois University: Faculty Position in Biology (closed)

Lewis & Clark College: Faculty Position in Molecular Biology (closed)

Yale University: Positions:

  • Assistant Professor in Quantitative Biology (closed)
  • Faculty Position in Health Policy (closed)
  • Thomas G. Siccama Lecturer in Environmental Field Studies (closed)

University of North Carolina at Charlotte: TWO Faculty Positions in Biological Sciences (closed)

Boise State University: Faculty Position in Human-Environment Systems (closed)

University of South Carolina: Faculty Position in International Finance (closed)

University of Southern California: MANY Faculty Positions in Engineering (closed)

Bridgewater State University: Faculty Position in Social Work (closed)

Bucknell University: Faculty Positions in:

  • Chemical Engineering (TWO Positions; closed)
  • Molecular Ecology (closed)
  • Neurophysiology (closed)

California State University, Dominguez Hills: Faculty Position in Biology (closed)

Western Washington University:

  • TWO Assistant Professorships in Biology (closed)
  • TWO Faculty Positions in Computer Science (closed)

The New School for Social Research: Faculty Position in Philosophy (closed)

AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (closed)

National Research Mentoring Network: Free Professional Development Resources

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: Assistant or Associate Member Faculty (closed)

Messiah College: Faculty Position in Biology (closed)

Amherst College: Faculty Position in Psychology (closed)

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences:

  • Deputy Scientific Director (closed)
  • Staff Scientist, Signal Transduction Laboratory (closed)

University of San Diego: Faculty Position in Chemistry (closed)

Bard College: Faculty Position in Abnormal Psychology (closed)

University of Chicago: Faculty Position in Chemistry (closed)

Duke University: Faculty Position in Marine Science and Conservation (closed)

BioBus: Scientist Job Opening (closed)

University of Michigan: THREE Faculty Positions in Ecology (closed)

Grad/Postdoc Positions & Opportunities [top]

NIH NIGMS: Postdoctoral Research Associate Program

University of Chicago

Medical University of South Carolina: Postdoctoral Positions in:

Northwestern University: Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Position (closed)

Colgate University: Teaching Postdoctoral Positions in

Monell Chemical Senses Center: Postdoctoral Fellow

Duke Human Vaccine Institute: Postdoctoral Associate Opportunities

New York University: Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow in Cultural Foundations (closed)

Cooper Union: Postdoctoral Fellowship in History (closed)

University of South Florida St. Petersburg: TWO Minority Postdoctoral Fellowships in Psychology (closed)

TGen: Mentor-Based Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship in Glioma Research (closed)

AACR’s Cancer Educational Workshops (closed)

Environments and Metrics in Biology Education and Research Conference (closed)

Van Andel Institute: Cancer Postdoctoral Opening Available (closed)

University of San Diego: Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship (closed)

North Carolina Central University & the Duke Cancer Institute: Postdoc Fellowships In Translational Cancer Disparities Research (closed)

Brookings Institution: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Foreign Policy (closed)

Stanford University: Mechanobiology Postdoc Fellowship (closed)

University of Michigan: NextProf Science Future Faculty Workshop (closed)

University of California, Riverside: Provost’s Diversity in Engineering Fellows Program (closed)

Chapman University: Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellows (closed)

CUNY Institute for Implementation Science Research in Population Health: Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting Assistant Professor; closed)

Brown University: Postdocs in:

  • Environment & Society (closed)
  • HIV Transmission Modeling (TWO Positions; closed)
  • Population Studies (closed)
  • Spatial Analysis (closed)
  • Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (closed)
  • Superfund Research (closed)

Franklin & Marshall College: Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Modeling of Aging Cortical Networks (closed)

Space Telescope Science Institute: Postdoc positions in:

  • Astrophysical Transients (closed)
  • Observational Exoplanet Studies (closed)

Baylor University: Biology Lecturer and Postdoctoral Research Position (closed)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute: 2017 Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program (closed)

Burroughs Wellcome Fund: Underrepresented Minority Postdoctoral Enrichment Program (closed)

University of California, Berkeley: Postdoctoral Fellowships, Natural Resource Economics and Political Economy (closed)

University of Pennsylvania:

  • TWO Postdoctoral Positions in Medical Imaging (closed)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships for Academic Diversity (closed)

American Elasmobranch Society: Diversity in Marine Science Initiative (closed)

Bucknell University: Postdoctoral Fellow in Africana Studies (closed)

The Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity (closed)

Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Postdoctoral Scholar Program (closed)

Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs (closed)

AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (closed)

Education Research Collaborative (TERC): Postdoctoral Fellowship in Education (closed)

Univ of Wisconsin-Madison: Postdoc Training Program in Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research (closed)

Massachusetts General Hospital: Postdoctoral Positions in Cardiovascular Research (closed)

Harvard Medical School Joslin Diabetes Center: Postdoctoral Research Fellows (closed)

University of Washington: Postdoc fellow in Marine & Environmental Affairs (closed)

Univ of California, Los Angeles: Postdoc in Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy (closed)

Massachusetts Maritime Academy: Postdoctoral Diversity Teaching Fellowship (closed)

Waco VA Medical Center: Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship in PTSD (closed)

Past Clients [top]

2015 - 2016: Professional/Faculty Positions & Opportunities

2014 - 2015: Professional/Faculty Positions & Opportunities

2013 - 2014: Professional/Faculty Positions & Opportunities

2012 - 2013: Professional/Faculty Positions & Opportunities

2011 - 2012: Professional/Faculty Positions & Opportunities

2010 - 2011: Professional/Faculty Positions & Opportunities

2015 - 2016: Grad/Postdoc Positions & Opportunities

2014 - 2015: Grad/Postdoc Positions & Opportunities

2013 - 2014: Grad/Postdoc Positions & Opportunities

2012 - 2013: Grad/Postdoc Positions & Opportunities

2011 - 2012: Grad/Postdoc Positions & Opportunities

2010 - 2011: Grad/Postdoc Positions & Opportunities

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