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Original Articles


C. Coleman, Science As Politics; Politics As Science

B.A. Rodriguez, Science Journalism in Latin America: Perils and Possibilities

B.A. Rodriguez & A.I. Roca, DiverseScholar Conference Preps Underrepresented Postdocs for Faculty Jobs

Z. Zevallos, Analyzing the March for Science Diversity Discourse


D. Crow, Diversity Advice for Science Communication-Journalism

I. Park, Bringing DNA Structure and Function to the 3D Realm

I. Martel, How to Communicate Ciencia to Bicultural Audiences

C. Parks, Grassroots Science Detectives Solve Arsenic Mystery

L. Crane, Echo Chambers in Science Communication: What To Do About Them

L. Crane, Native American Journalists on Science and Environment Reporting


A. Landry, Satellites: Coming Soon to a Lab Near You

M.P. Ferreira, STEM Book Review: Networking for Nerds

F.K. Wang, How Technology Designers Will Dictate Our Civic Future

D. Shastri, The Cutting Edge of Genetics Can Be a Lonely Place

E.N. Cofie, Black Journalists Pitch Their Stories to Advance Science

K.J. Hill, From MIT Chemical Engineering to Tech Entrepreneurship: Meet Role Model Chris Davis

L. Quevedo, Science Is Only Half the Story: Know Your Audience

E. Rodriguez Mega, Is America Latina Present in Science Journalism?

S. Hotchkiss, Missed Opportunities for Inclusion at ScienceWriters 2015

R. Skibba, Sara Seager’s Search for Distant Habitable Worlds

Z. Zevallos, Sexism in Science Reporting: a 2014 Timeline

C. Pallares-Quezada, D. Crow, S. Gordon-McKeon, M. Zhurakhinskaya, & A.I. Roca,
Opportunities in Open Source at the Tapia Conference

J. Cohen, What are the Broader Impacts of Broader Impacts?

I.F. Gonzalez, Introducing Tech Workforce Diversity Initiatives to the Tapia Conference (Part 2)


I.F. Gonzalez, Culture Dish Diversity Mixer: Building Connections Between Science Writers

Z. Zevallos, Science Inequality in the News: Avoiding Dangerous Gender Narratives in STEM

T. Hansen, Applying “Diversity in Science Writing” to Native Journalists

D. Crow & A.I. Roca, AAC&U Keynote Addresses Student Identity and the STEM “Push-Out Culture”

K. Sobowale, Enlightening Testimonials from Diverse Science Writers

J. Howard, Science, Journalism, and Diversity: What Science Writers Are Doing About That Diversity Problem

T. Hansen, Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting for Indian Country

K. Sobowale, Engaging the Science-Poor

I.F. Gonzalez, Hispanic Audiences and Diversity in Science Journalism

J. Howard, A Tough Newsroom Discussion: Why Diversity Is Needed In Science Journalism

D.E. Chubin, A Generational Perspective on Mentoring

I.F. Gonzalez, Introducing Tech Workforce Diversity Initiatives to the Tapia Conference


L.M. Silva-Ford, Writing From A Personal (Academic) Space

C. Russell, A Critique of a Diversity in Philosophy Conference

K. Britton, Redefining Bilingual at LATISM: the Power of Learning to Code

A.I. Roca, A #MinorityImmersion Solution to Disrupt #TechDisparities

A.I. Roca, Birth of a New Developer Bootcamp to Catalyze #TechInclusion

A.I. Roca, Minority Postdocs are the Source for Future Faculty of Color

K. Henne, J.E. Hobbs, K.A. Holley, & G. Sandi-Tapia, Mentoring Matters in Meeting the Needs of First Generation Scholars


R. Kaufman, Materials Science and Engineering Faculty Promote Micromentoring to Advance Diversity

T. Finch, Joint Annual Black/Hispanic Physicists Conference Draws Hundreds, Gets Positive Reviews

C.F. Wright, Creating a Diversity in Science Course

M.M. Higa, Fulfilling the Education Dreams of a Filipino Immigrant

C.R. Martinez, How a High-School Chemistry Teacher Reached the White House

A. Ross, NOGLSTP Out to Innovate Conference: Furthering LGBT Diversity and Inclusion in Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics

Anonymous, Imposter or Just Human: Reflecting on “Mistakes”

A.I. Roca, Redirecting National Attention to the Needs of Underrepresented Postdocs

C. Coleman, American Indian Ways-of-Knowing are Broader than Science

S. Miller, LGBTQ Coalition Building in a Networked World

A.I. Roca, #SCIO12 Policy Report: Academia is Productive but Messy - Effects on (Mis)Communication


A.I. Roca, Is Your Campus Producing Award-Winning Student Research? [print only]

D. Hernandez, “Social” Science: Experimenting with Social Media to Build Scholarship Communities

A. Stith, The First National Celebration of Asian Heritage Scientists & Engineers: SASE Connects!

C. Brooks & A.I. Roca, MinorityPostdoc.org Promotes New Postdoctoral Events at the 2010 SACNAS Annual Conference

A.I. Roca & J.B. Yoder, Online LGBT Pride: the Diversity in Science Blog Carnival

A.I. Roca, We Are All Minorities, so Let’s Help Each Other: Introducing DiverseScholar


A.I. Roca & D.G. Taylor, NOGLSTP “Out To Innovate” STEM Career Summit

L. Cano, Social Media for the Latina Scientist

A.I. Roca, Uncovering the Invisible Minority Postdoc Talent Pool

A.I. Roca, Issues that Impact the Success of Minority Postdocs

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