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Humanities Policy Fellow for Humanities, Arts, and Culture

The Humanities Policy Fellowship provides an opportunity for recent PhDs with training in the humanities or humanistic social sciences to learn about a career in public policy and administration. While in residence, the Humanities Policy Fellow serves as a full-time member of the staff, contributing to ongoing Academy projects in the Humanities, Arts, and Culture program area. Current work in the area includes the Humanities Indicators, development of a history of the American Academy, as well as development of new programs.

Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences honors excellence and convenes leaders from every field of human endeavor to examine new ideas, address issues of importance to the nation and the world. and work together β€œto cultivate every art and science which may tend to advance the interest, honor, dignity, and happiness of a free, independent, and virtuous people.” Academy projects bring together elected members and subject matter experts in cross-disciplinary efforts to produce reflective, independent, and pragmatic studies that inform public policy and advance the public good.

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The Humanities Policy Fellowship program has three objectives:

  • To support and guide an early-career PhD who want to develop expertise on policy issues related to humanities and the humanistic social sciences..
  • To increase the number of humanities PhDs engaged in substantive discussions about policy who can also demonstrate the applied value of advanced training in the field.
  • To expand the scale of Academy projects and studies focused on challenges facing the humanities and American society.

Fellowship Eligibility:

  • Ph.D. in an area of the humanities or humanistic social sciences relative to American democracy, justice, history, political culture, or the political economy and have some experience or a demonstrated interest related to public policy.
  • Eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship

Terms:The appointment is for a two-year term, starting September of 2021 and continuing through August of 2022.

Application:Applications for the 2022–2024 Fellowship due by January 31, 2022 and include a cover letter (maximum 2 pages) and resume or CV.

The American Academy is committed to the diversity of its staff and membership. As a scholarly organization and research center, the Academy recognizes that diversity of thought, class, experience, sex, gender, race, physical or mental ability, age, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation is a value to uphold and is central to the mission and work of the organization. A more pluralistic staff embracing diversity of thought, approach and life experience fosters a more nuanced understanding of contemporary issues facing the nation and the world. Working together in a climate of respect and openness models the civil discourse that is fundamental to the work of the Academy.

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