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Transdisciplinary Research on Incivility in STEM Contexts

Readers are invited to the upcoming workshop, "Transdisciplinary Research on Incivility in STEM Contexts." This workshop will bring together scholars across the STEM fields, social sciences, and critical studies to discuss varying accounts of, and definitions of, academic workplace incivility.

October 17 & 18, 2019
Beckman Institute for Advanced Science & Technology
University of Illinois

This scholarly and experiential workshop will address questions like:

  • Why should we care about incivility and civility?
  • Who is most vulnerable? Who are all the affected parties after uncivil actions?
  • How can we move beyond incivility and towards a more creative, productive, and innovative scholarly community?

This two day workshop will bring together scholars, practitioners, and administrators interested in promoting productive academic discourse around difficult topics, and promoting equity, inclusion, and social justice in academia. We believe that fostering more conversations across disciplines on the scholarship and practice of civility in the workplace will allow researchers to share knowledge, enrich each other's work, challenge theory, and develop practical solutions.

Registration closes on October 3rd so register today! Please note that we can offer travel support for underrepresented scholars.

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