Website Reader Demographics publishes postdoctoral & professional job/opportunity advertisements. Our site is a top hit for web searches using the keywords “minority”, “diversity”, “postdoc”, “scientist”, and “resources”. Thus, publishing on this site will educate our targeted audience about your opportunity. Read rate card here with pricing info.

The following website reader demographics were collected over 3 years since 2012 using an online survey. Survey respondents / website readers are either postdocs (41%) or doctoral graduate students (38%) from a variety of research disciplines of which biology (38%) and the social/behavioral sciences (27%) are the largest represented groups. Most readers are U.S. citizens (86%) which replicates our website analytics. attracts a readership of women (72%), African-Americans (39%), Hispanics (32%), and other ethnicities are shown in the SurveyMonkey bar charts below. Thus, this website reaches a diverse U.S. domestic audience many of whom find this website due to excellent search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, we proactively find minority postdocs for our email listserv and Doctoral Directory CV database.

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