Online Advertisements and Email Marketing

The site is a top hit for web searches using the keywords “minority”, “diversity”, “postdoc”, “scientist”, and “resources”. Thus, publishing on this site will educate our targeted audience about your opportunity. We publish postdoctoral & professional job/opportunity advertisements for all employment sectors: industry, academia, government, non-profit, etc. Use this site to implement your institution’s recruitment/ outreach/ diversity/ affirmative action strategic plan.

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Our online advertisement rate card and payment options are found below. Potential advertisers can contact us at .

Consider our Subscription packages to purchase both an online advertisement and access to our DiverseScholar Doctoral Directory.

Advertisement Options and Rates for 2018 - 2019

A full-page ad for 1 month is the minimum choice ($400). Adding the graphic options (button, skyscraper) maximizes the visibility of your opening/opportunity to website readers. For example, 1 full-page and 1 button is $800 total for 1 month. The “1 month” column is gross rate per month in U.S. dollars. Discounts apply for 3 and 6 month terms. For the services listed as “Quote”, the rate will depend upon the type of institution (size, academic, for-profit, etc) and posting desired (single job opening, multiple positions, etc). A “Featured Institution” status is potentially available for clients purchasing a vertical skyscraper ad. For advertisement agencies, we offer a 15% commission. Rates are subject to change at any time.

Option 1 month 2 mo. 3 mo. 6 mo. Info
Full-page $400 $533 $600 $800 Details
+Button +$400 +$533 +$600 Quote Details
+Skyscraper/Box +$800 +$1,067 +$1,200 Quote Details
+Slideshow Banner +$500 +$667 +$750 Quote Details
Email Included Quote Quote Quote Details

Full Page Ads

Advertisement text (500 words) appears on a single page while all ads are included on the job listings page roster. The rates quoted are for one full-page so not necessarily only one opening. Thus, multiple positions can be combined on one full-page ad as long as the total text length is reasonably close to the 500 word limit. The job description text should be emailed to us at as a text (.txt) or word document (.doc) along with any image files as attachments. You may include simple HTML formatting (such as “< b>bold< /b>”) as well as a small image such as an institution logo. The image should be at 300 dpi in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or GIF format. Please do not embed images, photos, etc within the word document. Instead, email each image as separate file attachments. At these rates, only one round of editing is allowed to update the advertisement text so please proofread the text carefully before sending.

Note: advertisement text that greatly exceeds the 500 word limit warrants an additional $75 surcharge for every 500 words, i.e. +$75 for text length of 501 to 1000 words.

Each new listing appears at the top of every website page in the announcements section (light green box header) as a one line description linking to the full text of your advertisement. The length of time for these announcement notices is at the Editor’s discretion.

Note about Institutional Subscription features:
Single-line listings in bold that link to an institution’s job board on the job listings page are only for Institutional Subscribers at the Silver or higher level as a temporary link while their Institution Profile page is being developed.

Read about other differences between a subscription’s Institution Profile page versus the plain full page advertisements described above.

Note about advertisement archives:
Closed positions have had their links deactivated on the Job listings page. They remain listed as a record of our past clients as well as for institutions documenting their diversity action plans (see also these archives).

Image: Button

For maximum visibility on the website, we also offer the placement of an image that appears on the margins of all website pages. It is the responsibility of the client to provide the image files (JPEG, GIF). The prices quoted above do not include design services (available separately at an additional rate). The image ads are limited in availability with longer contracts taking higher priority. These image ads will link to the full text of your job advertisement on the website.

A “button” ad can be placed in the left sidebar just above the “Postdoc Spotlight” feature or on the right sidebar. The image should be 120 pixel width by 90 pixel height at 300 dpi (all maximum values; example at right).

Image: Skyscraper or Box

A “vertical skyscraper” or “box” ad are placed in the right sidebar. The skyscraper image should be 120 pixel width by 600 pixel height at 300 dpi (all maximum values; example at right in brown) while the box image should be 300 px width x 250 px height at 300 dpi (example in purple). Client provides the image (JPEG or GIF file) that will link to the full page ad. A “Featured Institution” status is potentially available for clients purchasing a vertical skyscraper advertisement. Email us for details.

Image: Slideshow Horizontal Banner

We are accepting banner advertising for presentations in our slideshow archive. The slideshows have quickly become a popular feature on our website as readers spend time absorbing the presentation content. Many of the slides are from our past events. A horizontal image is placed below the slide presentation (example below in blue; width 600 x height 150 max). The banner links to your full-page advertisement (see example). Email us to indicate the specific presentation where you would want your banner to appear. We reserve the right to make editorial decisions on which banner ads to accept.

Email Marketing [top]

In the first month of publication, a one-line title of the advertisement will be included in the email announcements to our postdoc contact database with a link to the online full-page ad. See an example of our monthly announcements.

The publishing schedule below lists deadlines when advertisement copy must be received by 5pm PST. If there is enough demand, then we may add a second mailing during the month. These email announcements drive postdoc readers to our website. Schedule subject to change without notice.

To send longer advertisement text directly to members of our email database, contact us for a quote at

Month Deadline Mailing
July 20 24
August 10 14
September 14 18
October 12 16
November 9 13

Payment Options [top]

Payment must be received before ads will be published.

New in 2017, buy advertisements online!. Submit your contact email address, advertisment text, and credit card payment information online.

We can not accept credit card numbers by phone, FAX, or email.

For more complicated orders that are not covered by the online form, contact us to indicate 1) your advertisement option selection and 2) how to invoice your office by emailing us at . Payment can be received by check (for purchase orders) _or_ credit card (processed using PayPal after you receive an email invoice).

A PayPal account is not needed to pay with a credit card. After you visit the online invoice, use the link (below the login fields) that states “Pay with a debit or credit card…” that allows you to manually enter your credit card information as well as an email address for confirmation.

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