Readings and Items of Interest

Below we highlight published items of interest to current/future postdocs and other PhD professionals. We are especially interested in drawing attention to policy issues, minority postdocs, and national/regional postdoc diversity affinity groups. For busy PhD professionals, we will scan the diversity literature and news outlets. We are also publishing original written works under the brand DiverseScholar so submit article ideas by contacting us at .

Carolina Postdoctoral Program Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Diverse Education, November 2014

Growing diversity with a fast track to tenure
University of California Newsroom, October 2014

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Maybe We’re Not so Smart: Identifying Subconscious Bias and Microaggressions in Academia, November 2012

Edit-A-Thon Gets Women Scientists Into Wikipedia
Nature, October 2012

Teaching [IRACDA] Postdocs to Be Professors
ScienceCareers, October 2012

Furor Over Male Scientist’s Facebook Post About Female Scientists
Inside Higher Ed, October 2012

More Gender Diversity Will Mean Better Science
Chronicle of Higher Education, October 2012

Is Biology Just Another Pink-Collar Profession?
Chronicle of Higher Education, October 2012

Survey: Minority Faculty Feel More Stress, October 2012

You Need a Game Plan (Individual Development Plans using MyIDP)
ScienceCareers, September 2012

Study Offers New Evidence That Scientists Are Biased Against Women
Inside Higher Ed, September 2012

Science Training and Mental Health
ScienceCareers, August 2012

Grad Student Diversity at Risk?
Inside Higher Ed, July 2012

Dual Career Challenges
Inside Higher Ed, July 2012

Diversity’s Evidences
Inside Higher Ed, July 2012

Funding Your Ideas: Advice from the Postdoc Trenches
SACNAS News Summer/Fall 2012

Having It All?
Inside Higher Ed, July 2012

After Decades, Revolving Door Remains for Black, Latino Scholars in the Academy, July 2012

Judging the Environment [Supportive of Female Scientists]
Inside Higher Ed, June 2012

Science Mentoring: Does Race Matter?
NatureBlogs SoapboxScience, June 2012

Encouraging STEM Students Is in the National Interest
Chronicle of Higher Education, June 2012

Not Just a Diversity Number
Inside Higher Ed, June 2012

40 Years of Title IX: Leadership Matters for Women in Academe
Chronicle of Higher Education, June 2012

Can NIH Renovate the Biomedical Workforce?
ScienceCareers, June 2012

What Graduate Students Want to Know About Community Colleges, Part 1
Chronicle of Higher Education, April 2012

Survey Finds a Drop in Minority Presidents Leading Colleges
Chronicle of Higher Education, March 2012

Theme IV: Diversity is an Indispensable Component of Research Training Excellence, and it Must be Advanced Across the Entire Research Enterprise.
Investing in the Future: NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences Strategic Plan for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Training, 2011

From the Deputy Director for Intramural Research: Valuing Diversity at NIH
NIH Catalyst, November-December 2011

National Science Foundation Reports Low Minority Representation on STEM Faculties, October 2011

Recruiting and Retaining Latino Faculty Members: The Missing Piece to Latino Student Success
Thought & Action, Fall 2011

How to Help Graduates Move into Careers
ScienceCareers Blog, September 2011

New NSF Policies Provide Flexibility for Researchers Who Juggle Family and Career
Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2011

Ask the Administrator: How to Ensure a Diverse Candidate Pool?
Inside Higher Ed, September 2011

A Pioneering Diversity Officer Sees Barriers That Persist on Campuses
Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2011 (subscription required)

Postdoctoral Training Aligned with the Academic Professoriate (NIH IRACDA SPIRE)
BioScience, September 2011 (subscription required)

Liberal-Arts Diversity Officers to Hold Forum on Attracting, and Keeping, Minority Faculty
Chronicle of Higher Education, August 2011 (subscription required)

Parity in STEM Faculty
Inside Higher Ed, August 2011

Race and Beyond: New Study: Americans Ho-Hum About Changing Demographics
American Progress, August 2011

The Children They Never Had
Inside Higher Ed, August 2011

Postdocs: Striving for Success in a Tough Economy
ScienceCareers, August 2011

Overcoming the R01 Race Gap
ScienceCareers, August 2011

Conservation of an endangered species: the female scientist
Guardian Professional, July 2011

Faculty Immobility in the New Economy: Imagine the star system if no one could go anywhere
Chronicle of Higher Education, July 2011

The A to Z of Dual-Career Couples
Chronicle of Higher Education, July 2011

The Double Bind: The Next Generation
Harvard Educational Review, Summer 2011 (subscription required)

Diversity Issues and Conflict Management Covered at the Annual Meeting
NPA POSTDOCket, Spring 2011, p8

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times: Postdocs Balance the Joys of Pure Research with Tough Working Conditions
HHMI Bulletin, May 2011

Future of the PhD: No longer a guaranteed ticket to an academic career, the PhD system needs a serious rethink
Nature, April 2011

Henrietta Lacks Gave You Life: Black woman who died of cancer helped advance cell culture and develop drug treatments
TheLoop21, February 2011

Performance Goal T-2: Prepare and engage a diverse STEM workforce motivated to participate at the frontiers
Empowering the Nation Through Discovery and Innovation
NSF Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2011-2016

Equality: The Fight for Access - Scientists with Disabilities Seek Ways to Level the Playing Field
Nature, January 2011

The disposable academic: Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time
The Economist, December 2010

Academic Hiring Freeze Looms as Obstacle to Faculty Diversity, November 2010

Closeted Discoverers: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Scientists
ScienceCareers, October 2010

Core Competencies for Future Researchers: A Compass for Navigating Your Career
SACNAS News, Summer/Fall 2010

2010 SACNAS National Conference Welcomes Postdocs
UC Postdoc Newsletter, May 2010

One in a Land of 1,338,612,968
ASBMB Today, May 2010

NIH NIGMS Workshop Helps Postdocs Prepare For Careers
NIH Record, May 2010

Illuminate Research and Teach Science Postdocs
Science (E-Letter), May 2010

University of California postdoc program encourages diversity
UC Newsroom, November 2009

Unique ‘Boot Camp’ Offers Insider’s Guide for Postdoctoral Scholars
UCSF Today, September 28, 2009

Diversity Funding for Your Postdoctoral Research: Advice for a Successful Experience
SACNAS News, Summer/Fall 2009

A Pipeline to the Tenure Track: Postdoctoral fellowships are increasingly being seen as a recruiting tool to improve faculty diversity
Diverse, April 2009

Shattering the Glass Closet
ScienceCareers, December 2008

Still Absent [the lack of Latinos in science graduate programs and faculty positions at the top research universities in the U.S.]
Progress Magazine (JustGarciaHill) - Spring, 2008 (archive)

Could You, Would You, SHOULD You Do a Postdoc? Tips on Decision Making, Applying and Interviewing for the All-Important Postdoc
SACNAS News, Fall 2007

Long-distance relationships [mentoring]
Nature Neuroscience 2007

Jorge Cham, Ph.D.: The Scientist Behind Piled Higher and Deeper Comics
SACNAS News, Spring 2006

FIRST: A Model for Increasing Quality Minority Participation in the Sciences from the Undergraduate to the Professoriate Level
Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 2006 (paywall)

Doctors without orders (national highlights from the Sigma Xi Postdoc Survey; archive)
American Scientist, 2005

SACNAS immortalized in Oct 4, 2005 PhD comics strip!

NIH IRACDA FIRST: a model for developing new science faculty
Journal of College Science Teaching, May/June 2005 (free registration required)

20/20 Foresight – The New Postdoc Programs and LinkedIn group of SACNAS
SACNAS News, Summer 2005

The Corporate Postdoc – A World of Possibilities
SACNAS News, Summer 2005

Diversity as a Life Skill: Collaborations between SACNAS and the NPA
NPA POSTDOCket, Summer 2005

SACNAS as Sanctuary: Thoughts on the 2004 SACNAS National Conference
SACNAS News, Fall 2004

Perspectives: Preparing Postdocs of Color
ScienceCareers (formerly MiSciNet), September 2004

Minority Postdocs are Rare, Independent Breed
Science, 1999 (subscription required)

The Double Bind: The Price of Being a Minority Woman in Science
AAAS report, 1976

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