Jeremy B. Yoder, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate
Science Background: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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My research seeks to understand the forms of coevolutionary selection created by interactions between species—plants and pollinators, hosts and parasites, predators and prey—and the importance of this selection over the evolutionary history of life on Earth. My doctoral dissertation work with Olle Pellmyr at the University of Idaho applied theoretical, phylogenetic, and population genetic approaches to examine the origins and evolutionary trajectories of species interactions, with particular focus on the yucca-yucca moth mutualism. I am presently a postdoctoral associate working with Peter Tiffin at the University of Minnesota, using genome-scale genetic data to examine the interaction between plants and rhizobial bacteria, as part of the Medicago Hapmap Project. Because I consider public outreach an important part of doing science, I frequently discuss my own projects on my blog “Denim and Tweed” and at invited guest postings at other blogs.

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