2016 National Black Graduate Student Assoc Conference

DiverseScholar Executive Director, Alberto Roca, spoke at the annual conference of the National Black Graduate Student Association (#NBGSC16; March 16-19 in Houston, TX). This is our second time presenting this talk since we had previously participated in the 2013 NBGSA conference helping the organization celebrate their 25th anniversary (#NBGSC2013).

Postdoc Fundamentals: Choosing an Advisor and Project

Postdoctoral training is a critical step in the career path of doctorates especially in the life, physical, and social sciences. However. expectations are rising for research and funding productivity in all disciplines due to the increased competition for faculty jobs. Thus, postdoctoral experience may allow for publishing dissertation work, applying for grant/fellowship funds, and exploring independent scholarship areas. Such time for professional maturation could generate research momentum that is crucial for success in the early tenure-track years. Unfortunately, the postdoc stage is often poorly structured resulting in a vulnerable part of a scholar’s career development.

This session will teach advanced doctoral graduate students how postdoctoral training can enhance their career goals. Topics to be presented include:

  1. Postdoc fundamentals (policy overview, types [research, teaching, industry, and policy]);
  2. Advisor and project selection considerations;
  3. Sources of funding and fellowships especially diversity-related;
  4. Resources for professional development such as core competencies; and
  5. Fellowship application advice

last updated 22-Mar-2016