2014 Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing

Join us at the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing conference (#Tapia2014) occurring February 5 to 8 in Seattle, WA. DiverseScholar Executive Director, Alberto Roca, is producing the professional development and policy session described below.

New Diversity Interventions for the Tech Workforce & Entrepreneurs

Friday February 7 from 11am to 12:30pm PST
Come learn about efforts that diversify the tech workforce and entrepreneurial startups. Coding bootcamps, pitch events, startup accelerators, co-working spaces, and other activities are popping up across the country. This panel features those initiatives with a diversity mission sensitive to the needs of underrepresented minorities. The panelists include academics who develop prototypes for African American startups, accelerators and pitch events for latinos, and an inexpensive developer bootcamp with a unique “pay-for-success” financial model. Attendees will also be informed about networks and conferences for the diverse tech community such as LATISM, SXSW Blacks in Tech, FOCUS100, Latino Startup Alliance, IamDTech, StartOut, and more.

Alberto I. Roca, Ph.D., Moderator
Editor, Diversity Entrepreneurship Resources

Jennifer Arguello
Kapor Center for Social Impact

Sylvia Flores
Manos Accelerator

Gregorio Rojas
Sabio Developer Bootcamp

Stu Feldman, Ph.D.

Unfortunately Dr. Gilbert was unable to attend.
Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D.
African American Entrepreneurs in Technology Summit


We thank the following individuals and institutions for sponsoring the conference expenses of our panelists:

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