ScienceOnline 2013 Conference

The ScienceOnline Conference (January 30 to February 2, Raleigh, North Carolina) is the 7th annual international meeting to discuss (in “unconference” style) the way that the internet is changing how science is communicated, taught, and done. View the full program. Materials on the web are tagged with #scio13.

Broadening the Participation of Diverse Populations in Online Science

Discussion Session; Thursday January 31, 2012; #scio13 #diversity
Online minority science writers, i.e. historically from African-, Hispanic-, and Native-American communities, are small in number reflecting their underrepresentation in the STEM pipeline. Broadening the participation of these groups involves mentoring and training activities which can make the STEM disciplines more welcoming to all. Diversity discussions today also recognize the needs of the disabled, LGBT, veteran, female, and other populations outnumbered in majority institutions. This session will bring together minorities, allies, and stakeholders who are interested in using online tools to diversify both the sciences and science communication.

Danielle Lee, Ph.D., Co-moderator
The Urban Scientist

Alberto I. Roca, Ph.D., Co-moderator
Founder & Editor,;
Executive Director, DiverseScholar, a project of Community Partners

Justine Hollingshead, Special Guest
Director; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Center; North Carolina State University

Write-ups and online discussions about the session are below:

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