Isis vs Tomasson PubStyleScience Hangouts

The official website is now Michael Tomasson (@MTomasson) and “Isis Morena” (pseudonym @DrIsis) will hold public discussions (#PubScience formerly #IsisVsTomasson) on topics in academia, research, and whatever else suits their fancy. Invited guests expand the discussion especially by drawing upon the experience of the community. The plan is for 10 hangouts exploring issues and the use of social media tools for public dialogues.

Episode 3: Academic Stories to Engage People

Topic: #StoryMaven: How do you use your stories to engage people? How to run game like a pro, reach your audience, and spread the message. Featuring special guest Danielle Lee @DNLee5
Isis post: Dr. Isis’s Shoe of the…Whatever. Why are we doing this?
ProfLikeSubstance post: #StoryMaven
Panel (left to right): @MinorityPostdoc @DNLee5 @eperlste @GertyZ @DrIsis @deruislr @MTomasson
Aired June 25, 2013

Episode 2: Increasing Participation in Research

The topic was increasing the participation of underrepresented populations in research studies as well as in academic careers (#MoreInvolved). This episode first began with a discussion of the purpose, benefits, and challenges of using pseudonyms in social media and academic circles.
ProfLikeSubstance post: The pseud debate is ever rolling
DuffyMeg: Pseudonyms, Single Mom Postdocs, and, #moreinvolved
DrRubidium: Science-as-utopia
Panel (left to right): @MinorityPostdoc @SciCurious (@eperlste joining late) @DrIsis @deruislr @MTomasson @DrRubidium
Aired June 18, 2013

Last updated 9-Sep-2013