ScienceOnline 2012 Conference

The ScienceOnline Conference (January 19 to 21, Raleigh, North Carolina) is the sixth annual international meeting to discuss (in “unconference” style) the way that the internet is changing how science is communicated, taught, and done. View the full program. Materials on the web are tagged with #SCIO12. Jump to end for diversity-related sessions.

Broadening the Participation of Underrepresented Populations in Online Science Communication & Communities

Discussion Session; Saturday January 20, 2012; #SCIO12 #diversity
How are you using your skills in online communication to engage students and/or fellow scientists from underrepresented groups? How do you feel about the unusual digital divide: while texting is used more by underrepresented groups, does that compromise writing skills? How can non-minority allies cultivate and retain minority students into the sciences? Are credibility and authenticity necessary for mentoring minorities? Women scientist bloggers have been increasingly successful in creating a supportive online community that addresses their needs - what are the challenges for scientist-bloggers from underrepresented groups? More generally, and in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, how has the web been used for nonviolent protesting and influencing culture?

Danielle Lee, Ph.D., Co-Moderator
The Urban Scientist

Cynthia-Lou Coleman, Ph.D., Special Guest
Musings on Native Science; Member of the Osage Tribe

Alberto I. Roca, Ph.D., Co-Moderator

Write-ups and online discussions about the session are below:

Other Diversity Related Sessions

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