2011 Blogging While Brown Conference

We’re participating in our first Blogging While Brown Conference in Los Angeles, CA from July 8-9. Since 2008 this event has provided continuing technology education and networking opportunities to an audience primarily comprised of African American digital media content creators. We’re interested in finding out how prominent are science and academia topics at this event and in the wider minority blogging community.

Tribute to minority blogger, Danielle Lee, PhD

Dr. Lee received a Black Blogging Heroines award. Dr. Lee’s Biography

Check out her writing:

Dr. Roca’s tribute at the 2011 Black Weblog Awards Gala: I want to emphasize that Danielle is a leader because there are few scientists of color who are using social media to educate their own communities and especially students about science.

Let me quote from her own words:

I was working with inner-city high school students interested in biology and ecology and I had come to realize a stark truth: for the most part inner-city Black students were just not ready for college science courses. It didn’t matter if they were ‘good kids’. It was because they were not afforded the same opportunities to do science and be mentored by scientists…”
from her first Scientific American post.

Let me say that Danielle is the type of scientist and blogger who is making a difference. Please join me in applauding Dr. Danielle Lee!

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Observations from #BwB:

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First published 9-Jul-2011